Passion, commitment, tech research.


We are a local family carpentry company that has been in business for several decades. If you’d like to know how Dissegna Domenico company began, we have to go back to the post war period and to the particular area it was set. At that time, despite severe poverty and very hard conditions, a young generation of brave, decent and hard working people full of spirit of initiative came up, the generation who rebuilt Italy and Domenico Disegna is the living proof of that! Driven by his positive ambition and initiative in 1963 Domenico and his wife Valeria set up their own company the “Dissegna srl”. Both of them were very passionate and talented in woodwork but at the same time they truly loved their family; by themselves, in the blink of an eye, they raised five children, three boys and two girls. The workshop and home were contiguous so the children learnt to love and play with wood from a very young age.

After completing their studies, Pietro and Massimo, joined the business and they remain the backbone of the company. In the '90s they moved to a new headquarter, bigger and spacious where they still operate. New machinery which is constantly updated and upgraded makes Domenico Dissegna srl an excellent furniture fit-out company. It’s very precise and with top quality standards and always ready to satisfy clients’ requests. Major contractors, but overall, very demanding clients approach them to find special and exclusive solutions. CNC machinery connected to Cad/Cam systems, advanced lipping machines plus ‘savoir faire’, obtained through many years of experience, make Dissegna company one of the most qualified company in the fit-out field. Motivation and research for the best results make the difference.