In the hospitality domain, Dissegna Domenico can show a wide variety of possibilities for hotels from basic to luxury 5 stars. Our experience, along with high tech machinery and equipment, allow Dissegna to work well with several types of materials including polycarbonate, solid wood, veneered panels as well as modern laminate/melamine materials. The care taken, high levels of ability are seen in the final results which reflect quality, knowledge and good taste.

Flexibility is also a fundamental option, it can be one bedroom up to 500 bedrooms or more. Common areas such as, offices, meeting rooms, wall cladding and partitions, restaurants, bars and night clubs can be part of a “turn-key” project. Dissegna can add strength to this with their decades of experience.

Experience also means: how to produce products while the respecting of environment, how to pack items properly for overseas shipments so avoiding handling damages, how to be accurate in packing lists in order to avoid Custom clearance problems, how to make the furniture and the “for construction” plans to enable the site installers to work quickly and cleanly without delay.

What is most valuable than this?

Arabian Plaza Studio M Hotel Dubai

Arabian Plaza Studio M Aparthotel Dubai

Hotel Luxor Jesolo

Grand Hotel Cirta Costantine